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uPVC Window Repairs

At Ultimate Reglaze we are experienced in all aspects of uPVC window repair including double glazing repairs, misted double glazing and window seal replacement. Our uPVC window repair services are available to residential and commercial clients in Burton upon Trent, Lichfield, Uttoxeter, Abbots Bromley and throughout Staffordshire as well as Swadlincote, Hilton and the surrounding Derbyshire areas. We are committed to offering a high quality service at an affordable price that meets all of your uPVC window repair needs.

Double Glazing Repairs

Your windows are an important aspect of your property, contributing to both its appearance and the level of insulation it provides. This is why it is essential that your windows remain in good working condition at all times and any issues are checked by a professional as soon as possible.

From repairing misted windows and damaged seals to replacing cracked or smashed uPVC windows, Ultimate Reglaze can provide a comprehensive double glazing repair service. Whatever problem you may be experiencing with your uPVC windows, our team of expert glaziers are on hand to provide the perfect solution.

Misted Double Glazing

Misty windows are a common occurrence with double glazed door and window units. They are caused by the seal of the window becoming damaged or experiencing some other form of failure, which then allows condensation to form on the inside of the glass, causing that misted appearance. However, the unappealing looks aren’t the only downside. Misted double glazing also means that the insulation of your window will be much less effective. With the seal no longer performing as it should, heat will escape much easier, causing a cold home and increased energy costs.

There are many DIY repair tips available on how to fix misty windows yourself. Unfortunately, while some methods may seem successful in the short term, the only truly effective solution is to replace the double glazed units. The seal failure which caused your misted double glazing will have also allowed the internal argon gas to escape, leading to a significant reduction in the insulation capabilities of your window.

Ultimate Reglaze can provide a professional glass replacement service which will make your misty windows a thing of the past. Glass replacement services can be performed without having to replace the entire window, ensuring the process is much less expensive than you may fear.

Window Seal Replacement

The rubber seals found around the outside edges of your window frames play a vital role in the functionality of your windows and insulation of your property. If your uPVC windows and vents are closed but there is still a draught coming from somewhere, it is likely a problem with the seals.

Whether they have been damaged or simply worn down after years of wear and tear, a faulty seal will lead to an increased loss of heat. This isn’t good news for the warmth of your property or your heating costs! Fortunately, we are experts in window seal replacement and can provide a swift service, bringing the warmth back to your home quickly and efficiently.

If you are experiencing misty windows, suffering from unwelcome draughts due to the need for a window seal replacement or require any other type of uPVC window repair, get in touch with Ultimate Reglaze today.